Introducing AI-based Domain Name Generation for Businesses of All Sizes

Are you tired of endlessly searching for the perfect domain name for your website? Have you struggled to find the right one amongst thousands of options and still come up empty-handed? The new AI powered website,, is here to offer a solution and help everyone create the perfect domain name. uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help users generate web addresses that suit their business needs with ease. Simply enter your chosen prompt in the search box and let the AI do its work; it will scan through thousands of possible variations, check whether they are already taken, and provide you with a list of available names that reflect your desired theme or concept. With this unique tool at your disposal, your business’s online presence can remain fresh and attractive while retaining its original identity.

Furthermore, offers an extensive selection of domain extensions— such as .net or .io — so that you can choose a name that also accurately reflects what type of web platform you’re creating. Whether it’s social media accounts, e-commerce sites, or personal blogs – SmartyNames has got it all covered! There is even an automated availability checker feature which eliminates any potential issues when registering for domains and helps make sure no other entities have previously taken them.

The service offered by SmartyNames is revolutionizing how we choose our web addresses by leveraging innovative AI technology; no longer do we need to rummage through pages of possibilities just to get started on creating our brand identity online! With its user-friendly interface and straightforward process, anyone can quickly generate multiple domain names in seconds – making it easier than ever before to create a memorable website address that stands out from the crowd. is a free, AI-powered domain name generator and availability checker created by Kirill Zubovsky. Using the service is easy: you simply enter in a prompt (a brief description of what your website will be about), and SmartyNames’ AI will generate a list of potential domain names for you. Not only that, but the SmartyNames AI checks to see if these domain names are available or not, so you can quickly find out which ones are good for you to use. The accuracy of the availability checker isn’t 100%, however; it may show “available” for domains that are actually for sale, so it’s important to double check before purchasing any domains.

What makes SmartyNames different from other domain name generators is its AI-backed algorithm, which can generate custom results based on your inputted prompt. This means that the domain names generated by SmartyNames will be more tailored towards your needs than those generated by other services, resulting in better quality ideas in less time. It also saves users time as they don’t have to manually search through dozens of domains themselves to figure out which ones are still available. Furthermore, SmartyNames also gives users insights into their desired domain name – such as whether or not it’s suitable for SEO – to help them make an informed decision when selecting their ideal domain name.

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