Google invests in Calico: research on aging and developing an elixir of immortality at the genetic level

Google has announced the formation of a new company called Calico, which focuses on areas of health and tries to fight human aging.
Fortune revealed more details about Calico.

Calico originated with the idea of Bill Maris. Maris is a partner in Google Venture and used to be the portfolio manager of biotechnology.

According to sources, Maris has looked at the life sciences map and found that hundreds of companies are focused on reducing various diseases that are affecting the human body. None of these companies are focused on prolonging human life or improving the quality of life. Maris believes that no company has yet focused on the root causes of disease and death. In essence, we all age because our bodies begin to decay into cellular layers, mostly through degradation of genetic material and the production of proteins. Now that human genes have been encoded, Marius asks himself whether it is possible to study aging at the genetic level and then develop drugs to solve the problem.

Maris thinks so because of Ray Kurzweil, a futuristic figure and former employee of Google.For example, what if you studied the genomes of 90-year-olds in different parts of the world? What do their genomes have in common? Or how are most of our genomes different from them? If it does not prolong life, it may improve people’s quality of life.
So Maris began raising money for research — mostly from wealthy executives and venture capitalists.

Some identifiers make an analogy like this: if the gods give you three wishes, your first wish is to get 1 million wishes, and your life is like these three wishes; we don’t know whether it is three days or three thousand days, but we know that it is limited; if you have to invest in this cause, you should extend your life for more days.

There is one person who is very interested. He is Sergei Brin.
Later, Brin, Marius and Larry Page had a conversation and ultimately reached an agreement to let Google sponsor the entire project.

The exact amount of investment promised by Google varies, and is said to be hundreds of millions of dollars.
With regard to the management of Calico, Maris said he originally wanted to help run the new business and work for Google Ventures. But he also approached outsiders who wanted to hire a CEO. Maris sought advice from Art Levinson, who had been willing to take over the CEO position.

Art Levinson has started hiring.

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