GitHub 推出 Copilot Chat 作为开发人员协作的新工具

GitHub has made Copilot Chat available to all developers, allowing them to ask questions about their code.

Earlier this summer, GitHub launched Copilot Chat, a ChatGPT like programming-centric bot for organizations that subscribe to Copilot for Business. Copilot Chat was recently made available to Copilot users who pay $10 per month in beta. GitHub has launched Chat for all users.

Copilot Chat has been added to the sidebar of Microsoft’s IDEs Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. It is included in GitHub Copilot’s paid tiers for teachers, students, and maintainers of open-source projects.

In an email interview, Shuyin Zhao (VP of Product Management at GitHub) told TechCrunch that \”as the home to the developers in the world, we have brought to market the most widely used AI developer tool ever,\” \”And code completion was just the start.\”