Cybertruck has already been knocked off: Robotruck

While you’re waiting for Tesla Cybertruck to arrive, you can satisfy your curiosity with the Robotruck, a new startup from Aitekx.

Aitekx, a newcomer to the Auto Show with a booth in the West Hall, was a name we had never heard before. The company’s name, AI + Tech + X, is a reference to the AI mobility of the future. It has just revealed its next vehicle, called Robotruck, and plans to release it in 2025.

The company boasts some very optimistic specifications, including a 550 mile EPA range. (It wouldn’t say how many kWh the battery was, but with a range that long, it would need to be at least 200kWh), 0-60 seconds in 3.5, and a maximum speed of 125mph.



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